Women in Agricultural Technical Education and Apprenticeship

11th June 2024
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Women in Agricultural Technical Education and Apprenticeship (WATEA Project), funded by the French government in collaboration with IITA and dedicated to the modernization of curricula and the structuration of apprenticeship, is now ready to commence in partnership with ANSPOLY

WATEA Project aims to revamp and modernize curricula and apprenticeship programs, aligning them with worldwide agro-industry standards and best practices.

The project’s core objectives include:
1. Curriculum Enhancement: When needs be, we will work together to update and modernize existing curricula to ensure that they are in line with the latest developments in relevant fields
2. Apprenticeship Structuration: This project focuses on creating a more structured and effective apprenticeship framework, facilitating a seamless transition from the academic environment to the professional world.
3. Quality Assurance: We are committed to ensuring that the educational experience provided is of the highest quality, and this project will allow establishing mechanisms for ongoing assessment and improvement.
4. Agri-Industry Collaboration: Collaboration with agro-industry partners will be a key component of WATEA to ensure graduates are equipped with the skills and knowledge required by the job market.

one of the main assets of WATEA, is a study tour in France for ANSPOLY that was scheduled on 10-16 December 2023.

To finalize, before the commencement of the project, the representatives of ITTA( International Institute of Tropical Agriculture) and WATEA( Women in Agricultural Technical Education and Apprenticeship in Nigeria) on Friday the 7th of June visited Anambra State Polytechnic in readiness for the training of 500 students in different agricultural-related enterprise and organising apprenticeship placement for the selected students.

This project is funded by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign affairs ( French Government) and ANSPOLY is one of the Six Technical Institutions selected in Nigeria. 

This is in a bid to train youths especially young women in modern agricultural techniques, agricultural products and farm management in alignment with agrocology, biodiversity, and the environment, while enhancing the attractiveness of agricultural, technical education and Apprenticeship in Nigeria.

In attendance were
1. ITTA team lead : Sore  Sougrynoma Zainatou
2. Onasaya Emmanuel Oludayo
3. Dr Juliana Ukonze.
They were warmly received by the 
Management and Staff of the Polytechnic.